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How do you prepare your oysters?

Their are countless ways to serve and prepare the minerally-nutritious, low-calorie, low-cholesterol oyster; serving the versatile oyster either raw on the half-shell, fried, baked or grilled is certain to pleasure the palate.
Fresh, unshucked (unopened) oyster shells can easily be opened by scrubbing the shell, then inserting an oyster or kitchen knife along the shell slit, and cutting the muscle along the shell bottom. Now that the oyster is free, you are ready to prepare a dish. If you are in the mood to serve a raw oyster on the half shell, the only addition to preparation would be removing the top shell and serving the oyster housed on the bottom shell with some crackers, fresh lemon juice and a touch of Tabasco sauce.
A fried oyster calls for a dozen shucked oysters, two beaten eggs, one cup of bread crumbs, three tablespoons oil, a dash of salt and pepper. Toss the oysters in the beaten egg, drop and make certain covered in bread crumbs, heat the oil in a pan for a minute or two, add the oysters and brown on both sides. Remove and serve with fresh lemon and Tabasco sauce. Delicious!
Pop the oysters on half shell on a baking pan in an oven set at 475 degrees for about ten minutes. On the side you will have two tablespoons melted butter, two tablespoons flour, one cup of the oyster juice, stir until mixed; dab each oyster with this mix, add a little bit of bread crumbs to each and serve with some lemon juice and Tabasco, if desired.
An unshucked oyster wrapped in foil with holes tastes great when grilled over hot coals, ready when the shell pops open. Butter and lemon accompany nicely.
Other variations could include sautéed or broiled oysters, or adding to a tasty fisherman’s stew.
At the Phillippi Creek Village Oyster Bar we prepare our oysters in a variety of ways. Come by for a quick lunch or a nice evening out – visit for more information on any of the meals we prepare!

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