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Gulf Coast Seafood

The gulf coast of Florida offers a rich smorgasbord of seafood that is unrivaled in the world. Diners can enjoy shrimp cocktail appetizers as a light afternoon snack or dive into a sophisticated dinner featuring Red Snapper, lobster or crab prepared by the best seafood chefs in the Americas.

The seafood restaurants on the gulf offer a rich tropical setting for the whole family or romantic little enclaves where couples can enjoy a sophisticated location for a taste of Florida savoir-faire. Birthday parties and anniversaries in an old Florida traditional restaurant become moments to remember.

The type of seafood appetizers offered on the Florida coast runs from oyster on the half shell to Teriyaki Shrimp Skewer. Other seafood appetizers include:

* Beer boiled shrimp.

* Fried gator.

* A basket of fried smelt.

* Stone crab in season.

* Clam strips.

* Garlic shrimp.

* Oysters Rockefeller.

* Crab cake.

Two favorite seafood soups offered in gulf restaurants are spicy Cajun seafood gumbo and homemade New England clam chowder. Steamed pots of oysters or clams is another favorite for diners.

Seafood sandwiches are a great choice for lunch on the Florida gulf. Diners have a large choice of the following:

* Fried Grouper.

* Crab Cake.

* Flounder.

* Tuna Salad.

* Shrimp Salad.

These choices barely scratch the surface as our inventive chefs constantly mix up new creations for chalkboard specials daily.


Now, make room for dinner. The choices range from fried or boiled to baked or charbroiled. Stuffed flounder is a traditional dinner, while blackened snapper is another Florida special. The sizzling seafood kabob is a treat that will vary from restaurant to restaurant. Steamed snow crab is always fresh, tasty and in demand. Seafood platters offer the diner scallops, catfish and oysters.


Served with side dishes, dessert and beverages, the Florida seafood offerings are unique and memorable. Dining on the gulf is a treat found no where else in the world.



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