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Grouper is a large-bodied big-mouth fish which is most often harvested from the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of southern Florida but especially in the Caribbean Sea near the Bahamas. The name grouper appears to be an Angelicanized spelling of the Portugese word ‘garoupa meaning ‘fish’. While there are several members of the grouper family, those often gracing restaurant menus are red and black grouper.
Black grouper also called ‘Gag’ has a taste all it’s own to many people but in general it is close to the taste of halibut. Red grouper has a milder taste with a hint of natural sugar sweetness.
One of the most popular ways to prepare grouper is to cut the fish into about 1 inch strips which are then sauted for 2 to 5 minutes per side in very hot oil. The most common name for this delicacy in the Bahamian islands is ‘Grouper Fingers.’
Another delightful way to prepare grouper is by roasting or baking. One popular recipe served in many seafood eateries is made by placing grouper filets in a large rectangular baking dish after being covered with a crumb mixture consisting of ground parmesan cheese, finely diced bell peppers, a small amount of hot pepper such as jalapeno, fresh or canned flaked crabmeat and melted butter. Once the filets are placed in the dish, the crumb mixture is spread on top and baked in a hot (350 to 400°) oven for 30 minutes. This recipe is commonly known as Crab-crusted Grouper.
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