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A Taste of Heaven on a Half-Shell

It is believed that the delicate allure of oysters has beckoned hungry hunters since ancient times. If you often find yourself dreaming of a meaty Apalachicola nestled on a half shell,raise your glass and offer a heartfelt toast to the ancient Romans for incorporating oysters into their regular diet. Fortunately, what was once considered a regal delicacy limited to only the wealthy is now available to everyone.
These days, coastal residents need only a boat and a smattering of tools to harvest oysters. But, if swimming (literally) for your supper seems a tad too adventurous then consider the best thing to hit the oyster scene since lemon wedges.
Raw Bars have continued to make their presence known all along the Atlantic coast offering the freshest oysters and other shellfish varieties. Often situated within a larger restaurant, Raw Bars are designed to directly handle live shellfish, preparing it to each guest’s liking. While most menus offer oysters and other shellfish prepared a variety of ways, most oyster connoisseurs will tell you “less is more” with oysters. A collection of freshly shucked oysters basking in their own “oyster liquor” on a half-shell with a squeeze of lemon is the ultimate pleasure.
If the term, “Raw Bar” conjures up visions of squirmy sea-life on your dinner plate–not to worry. Popular raw bars such as, Phillippi Creek Seafood Village Restaurant offer a delicious menu loaded with entrees that start with fresh ingredients and are always cooked to your satisfaction. This friendly and scenic waterfront restaurant offers steamed pots of clams, oysters, crab legs and a huge variety of seafood platters.
Not much of a fish fan? Let’s face it–there’s one in every crowd. Phillippi Creek Seafood Village welcomes you to come enjoy their flavorful pasta dishes, succulent steak or chicken platters. Enjoy the beautiful waterfront, and delicious food with us. We’ll save you a seat at the bar!

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